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Older women, younger men

Dear Lynn,

What are your thoughts on older women dating younger men? I have personally dated older men 8-10 years I'm in a relationship with a guy 12 yrs younger than me! Is this bound to end in disaster? Does it have to be just for fun/sex? Or can it go long term? Please help!!!
Anon, 36yr old Female - Posted: 12/09/2007
Posted: 20/12/07 13:42
Hello, there are plenty of very successful relationships where the age gap is greater than that between you and your man. Bigger age differences are still more common when the man is older, but there are now plenty of women, like you, who have attracted a younger lover. Unfortunately, no one can give you a cast-iron ‘yes’ that your relationship will work and last, but in the same instants no one could give you this even if you were both exactly the same age! Personally I think age is just a number, and it’s how he makes you feel not how old he is, or you for that matter! Good Luck
Posted: 30/10/08 00:26 1 out of 1 people liked this comment.
Hi-Just to add this thought. I had a relationship with a guy 18 years younger than me, it was supreme!
Trouble was I fell in love with him-he broke my heart, fell for another and married her all in the space of a few weeks! We were together as friends for four years and lovers for five-the breakup was sudden and tragic, I lost a friend and a lover in the same moment! My mistake was to fall in love when, to be honest, there wasnt any future in it. I'm over it now having learned from it and the experience has made me stronger. He made me feel 17 again and I enjoyed every minute of it, but now its time to move on. Age is just a number, you are as young as you feel. If you like each other then why not go for it?
Posted: 19/10/08 11:51
I've just come out of a relationship with a guy 20 years younger than myself and it was the first time I'd succumed. My men have always been older. I put a wall round my heart and my brain in gear we both knew it was going no-where ....but decided to enjoy the time together with no regrets. I feel rejuvenated and have enjoyed every minute of it.
Posted: 28/04/08 18:29
MY husband is 18 years older than me. Yes, we get strange looks sometimes. Especially when i call him Daddy in Asda, then tongue him to death!!!

BUT. Does everyone else really matter if you're happy?!?!

Posted: 22/04/08 12:57 1 out of 1 people liked this comment.
I have found alot of guys do just think of the older woman for just the"more experience"type of thing and once was told off a guy that we "well seasoned" not good enough for marriage but we will do for sex in so many words,lol!!! But there are guys out there who genuinely do like the older woman,and being attracted to the younger guy myself i think its just a number,but i think you can sense if a guy is just after one thing,and a guy who genuinely likes you no matter what the age gap is.
Posted: 28/03/08 08:42
I'm also looking for an older soulmate and BELiVE ME.. I'm not secretly searching for a mother figure. I'm just into older people (women) 'cause I'm not drawn to spoilt girls my age. I really hope I find my fair-haired, white skin soulmate soon !!! (and at least 2 years older than me would be just perfect I reckon)
Posted: 27/03/08 23:27 1 out of 1 people liked this comment.
It's only a number and shouldn't make any difference....
Posted: 27/03/08 09:23 1 out of 2 people liked this comment.
I'm not sure .......? my ex wife was a year older than me !!
Posted: 24/03/08 10:43
some people are more mature for their age some people less
If you gel thats all that matters good luck
Posted: 21/03/08 21:38
I have had relationships with 2 guys 11 an 10 years younger than me . I am an older Mum of an 18yr old lad and the fact that I like his music , keep up to date with current trends and have an open mind makes me attractive to younger men . Maybe the fact that I keep fit with regular work outs at the gym helps too ! This is for my health not their request but I can run circles round them - and they appreciate it ! You are as old as you feel and act !
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