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I've recently been seeing this boy who I recently found out has got a girlfriend (i know its wrong and I'm not some home wrecker I didnt know until a few days ago) but i.. (contd..)
Anon, 19yr old Female - Posted: Dec 7th 22:56 - Replies: 1 comments
I have been single for nearly four years want start daitng again and find my ideal man.. but my problem is am little over weight and I have put off dating because I .. (contd..)
Anon, 26yr old Female - Posted: Oct 27th 14:27 - Replies: 2 comments
I've been dating someone for 8 months now and although we get on great together I can't help feeling that he's with me rather than be on his own. He never pays me a compl.. (contd..)
Anon, 56yr old Female - Posted: Oct 17th 13:13 - Replies: 1 comments
I am alone with 4 young children, and want to find a partner back home in the UK, how can I meet someone who will care fo me, I can care for my children's welfare, I am s.. (contd..)
Anon, 66yr old Male - Posted: Dec 5th 17:04 - Replies: 3 comments
I went out with a woman 16 years younger then me , she told me she loved me and wanted to marry me i was so happy , then she dumped me and insulted me so many times , i .. (contd..)
Anon, 45yr old Male - Posted: Nov 3rd 09:01 - Replies: 7 comments
I am so confused...... met a nice guy 3 weeks ago. He would text me throughout the day to see if I was ok etc etc All of a sudden the only way we seem to have contact is .. (contd..)
Anon, 40yr old Female - Posted: Oct 14th 22:16 - Replies: 4 comments
I'm attracted to older men. Not only couple years older, but proper old. I'm 19, In my opinion Sean Bean (50) and Mark Strong (47) are the most attractive men on earth. .. (contd..)
Anon, 19yr old Female - Posted: Sep 9th 20:18 - Replies: 8 comments
I'm a young guy who's had some bad experiences since breakin into the "personal" side of life and had not as many partners as I would have liked so gained little experien.. (contd..)
Anon, 30yr old Male - Posted: Aug 11th 22:45 - Replies: 3 comments
I am 36, an attractive, intelligent woman. people find me very good looking, but when it comes to serious relationships guys who seemed to be very interested in me look .. (contd..)
Anon, 36yr old Female - Posted: Jul 27th 11:56 - Replies: 5 comments
Lynn I am a straight male and have dressed as a female for kicks from teenage years and all previous relationships with females have involved my dressing up occasionally,.. (contd..)
Anon, 39yr old Male - Posted: Jun 24th 10:53 - Replies: 9 comments
Ok...i know this may sound like an irrelevant question! And i ask it at the risk of sounding pervy, but do women like porn? As a young man i ask you not to be judgemental.. (contd..)
Anon, 27yr old Male - Posted: Jun 21st 14:44 - Replies: 8 comments
Hi Lynn, I have recenly broke up from a serious relationship, (2months ago) and had my heart broken, but the more I think about it the better off I am without him, he d.. (contd..)
Anon, 21yr old Female - Posted: Nov 30th 17:11 - Replies: 6 comments
I got chatting to guy online and we seemed to hit it off really well .We talked every night online for several months and regularly text and rang each other.Eventually w.. (contd..)
Anon, 54yr old Female - Posted: Nov 23rd 10:59 - Replies: 10 comments
hi i love my partner dearly but she does not like my children from my first marriage yet i have to put up with hers. we have split up a few times over this. is it worth s.. (contd..)
Anon, 45yr old Male - Posted: Nov 19th 20:01 - Replies: 2 comments
My ex husband came back into my life 3years ago saying all the right things but we cant live together as he wants to see other woman this was the problem in the first pla.. (contd..)
Anon, 59yr old Female - Posted: Nov 6th 16:41 - Replies: 5 comments
Hi Lynne I met a married man at work last October he was very attentive to me and took me out to lunches and dinners sometimes in the evening we r still meeting last thu.. (contd..)
Anon, 38yr old Female - Posted: Nov 1st 10:36 - Replies: 3 comments
Hey Lynn, There is a really cute girl at work I canít stop thinking about. However, Iím having trouble working out how to get to know her, as when our paths cross she wo.. (contd..)
Anon, 29yr old Male - Posted: Sep 20th 11:27 - Replies: 5 comments
there is this boy i like but he is spainish and i dont speak it fluently yet all though almost but every time i am with him or near i just get really embarresed and dont .. (contd..)
Anon, 19yr old Female - Posted: May 28th 15:11 - Replies: 6 comments
Dear Lynn, How do I impress a boy... as I've been single for ages and can't find.. and don't even know what to say or dress like.. ? .. (contd..)
Anon, 19yr old Female - Posted: May 12th 13:40 - Replies: 5 comments
Background: Our relationship was born out of a triangle and sadly had a turbulent birth. She needed space then, but still had issues so she tried counselling but even aft.. (contd..)
Anon, 58yr old Male - Posted: May 12th 13:40 - Replies: 2 comments
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